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Bring "Rose Quartz"/Steven over to Yellow Diamond and destroy the Crystal Gems (failed).Break away from Lapis' control and unfuse from Malachite (eventually succeeded).Track down Lapis and fuse with her again (failed).Collect corrupted gems to make a gem army under her control (partially succeeded).Destroy Rose Quartz/Steven and avenge Pink Diamond (failed). Kimberly Brooks mentioned at the 2018 L.A. Comic-Con that she is waiting for the moment when Jasper will have a redemption arc/episode, and she hopes that Jasper will sing a song in it. Steven explains that he is not Rose and just wants to heal Jasper. At that same moment, he also frees Ruby and Sapphire and gets them together, causing them to regenerate and fuse into Garnet again. After getting healed from her corruption by Steven and the Diamonds in "Change Your Mind", she still wears a sleeveless bodysuit, however, the torso now has a different design. There are 174 jasper steven universe for sale on Etsy, and they cost $9.10 on average. As of "Change Your Mind", she resides on Earth after being uncorrupted. Even though the Aqua Gem Monster is poofed, Jasper takes it's gemstone and retreats to the bottom of the ocean swearing revenge on Stevonnie. There, she begs Lapis to have them fuse again as she loves being Malachite and claims that she's changed. In "Alone at Sea", Jasper is still unaware that Steven and Rose are not the same, referring to him as "a dulled down version of Rose Quartz". They are later unfused in "Super Watermelon Island" after being defeated by Alexandrite. Full Name After being healed from her corruption, Jasper now wears a brown-orange tank top that has a pale orange and brown-orange keyhole shape. There's always someone to fight! Not only that, Jasper was under immense pressure from the start on. Rose and Jasper both have the same hair length, but while Rose's hair is soft and curly, Jasper's hair is wild and unkempt. After imprisoning her, she forces Lapis into being hers and Peridot's informant as a way to help them find and capture the Crystal Gems. 's board "Jasper Steven universe", followed by 715 people on Pinterest. 13:55. Corrupted She also has a Darwinistic view on life, which morphs into complete arrogance and hatred, as she outright hates and looks down upon the weak and defenseless, as well as favoring herself, as she seems to see herself as the strongest. 1. Steven, frustrated at Jasper's lack of cooperation, obliges at her request, and the two engage in combat. By all accounts, Jasper is a sympathetic yet brutish character. Quit embarrassing yourselves! Jasper is the final Gem to be freed from corruption, most likely because she was the last and latest Gem to get corrupted. SEASON 5 & 6? Steven Universe | Caught By Jasper | Cartoon Network - YouTube She wore a sleeveless bodysuit, similar to Peridot's, with a dark mahogany V-neck collar and a yellow diamond in the center. Jasper becomes enraged by Peridot’s laughter and attacks Smoky Quartz head on, but she easily counterattacks, even causing Jasper to slam into the cliff side and release some of the caged up monsters. She has to put other Gems down to stay on top. With Zach Callison, Deedee Magno, Michaela Dietz, Estelle. It is later revealed that she actively served one of. No one is as pitiful as you! As her corruption worsens, Jasper said that Earth is like a prison and thinks she is better than it. You don't need me for this. Because she loves honor, fighting, making her mark, and winning the battle, she'll actually go against her programming a little bit just to be the winner. Jasper has tangerine skin with reddish-orange markings on her arms and possibly her face. In "Crack the Whip", she belittles and insults Amethyst over her inferiority, claiming that Rose must have low standards when Amethyst argued that Rose said she was perfect the way she is, which caused Amethyst to attack her in anger only to be defeated and poofed. Physique-wise, she is the archetype Quartz Gem soldier; she has a muscular body and stands both taller and wider than Garnet, an indication of her immense strength and durability. In "Little Homeschool", Steven heads into the forest outskirts of Beach City to visit Jasper, the latter having chosen to make her home in solitude after being uncorrupted. Who she is and where she's from gnaws at her all the time. UightaLola82149664. While she fights Steven and continues to put him down, she does show to be impressed by Steven's strength and the two do reach something of an understanding. An example of this is when Jasper fuses with Lapis Lazuli into Malachite in order to defeat the Crystal Gems, an action that is considered taboo on Homeworld. Jun 12, 2017 - Explore Pie..? Jasper is also determined, even to the point of obsession, as she is willing to get revenge and retribution on anyone who has wronged her. When Jasper is healed in "Change Your Mind", Amethyst is the first to greet her as she surfaces from Rose's fountain, mouthing "Hey, sis". She's even got frictional rock melt. The only reason Jasper returned to Earth wasn't to escort Peridot like she was supposed to but to destroy Rose and the remnants of her army. It is later revealed that she actively served one of The Great Diamond Authority's members, Yellow Diamond, prior to being corrupted. But you're not like me... are you? She is the third known character overall in the show's canon to have died and been brought back to life, the first two being. 1 Gallery 1.1 Images 1.1.1 Part 1 1.1.2 Part 2 1.1.3 Part 3 1.2 Videos Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Once Jasper is semi-corrupted, the thoughts of being a failure and the rage she feels for Rose Quartz causes her to ultimately take on a monstrous form. 1. In "Earthlings", Jasper talks to one of the Great North monsters (who is caged up) about how she is a disgrace and embarrassment to Homeworld along with being pathetic Quartz. A team of intergalactic warriors fights to protect the universe, but the combination of three highly trained beings and one quirky young boy leaves the team struggling to overcome the dangerous scenarios that are put in front of them. After being accidentally shattered by Steven and subsequently revived, Jasper acknowledges his incredible power and pledges her loyalty to him, calling Steven her Diamond, and defending him in "Homeworld Bound" when Pearl angrily asks him where he had been during the events of the episode "Fragments". Rose fought against the Gem Homeworld while Jasper fought on its behalf. She now wears a brown-orange square neck tank top and between is a pale orange triangle with a brown-orange keyhole shape, which contains a small pale orange triangle through it. The prejudice that Jasper exercises based on combat experience leads her to look down upon beings that appear weaker to her. Active (revived) Inactive Gems: Pink Diamond, Fusion Gems: Fluorite • Rhodonite [Steven Universe News / Discussi. She appears as the main antagonist of seasons 1 and 3, a minor antagonist in season 2, a cameo character in season 5, and the anti-heroic secondary antagonist of Steven Universe Future. NEW DIAMOND? One of her horns is now sliced in half, the band along her face has a split under her right eye, and the knees of her pants are ripped slightly. Garnet later fights Jasper while Steven frees Amethyst and Pearl. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share "Jasper" is a Homeworld Gem and the main antagonist of her debut episode "The Return" and in "Jail Break". She went back to Earth to face her demons, and she lost. Gem In "Earthlings", with some encouragement from Steven, Amethyst finally overcomes her feelings of worthlessness and forms Smoky Quartz with him in an attempt to defeat Jasper once and for all. She is currently being held captive at the bottom of the ocean by Lapis Lazuli within the unstable fusion of Malachite. But it's only you. This could be a hint to actual mineralogy as jasper and quartz have the same chemical composition (silicon dioxide, colored by iron), but different internal structure. The Spirit Morph Saga: Archimicarus • Lisa • Plinkman • Wind Lizard, Groups: Light Army • Blue Monsters • Green Monsters • Indigo Monsters • Orange Monsters • Red Monsters. In "The Future" when Steven announces his leave, Jasper wishes to come with him in order to protect him, to which Steven refuses. Jasper can also take refuge in her gemstone after being wounded to heal. Origin Jasper was made sometime during the middle of the rebellion where she was made and birthed from the Beta Kindergarten. Jasper stood down after realising that the Diamonds were watching. You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own. Jasper is also one of the most durable Gems ever shown in the series, being capable of withstanding the point-blank explosion of a Gem Warship's reactor, the following crash and explosion of the entire ship unprotected, being hit with enough force to send her flying over the horizon, and being struck with enough force by Rose Quartz's Sword (which has the power to easily destroy a Gems' physical body) to be driven through a Corrupted Gem (poofing it in the process), all without poofing once. Age Debut Personal Status Amethyst then proceeds to inform her about the truth, and Jasper meekly sinks into the pool. This rash decision led to her confinement at the bottom of the ocean until "Super Watermelon Island". Most of this seems to stem from the fact that Jasper is put in charge of escorting Peridot, as the Crystal Gems repeatedly hinder Peridot's efforts, forcing Peridot to report to her superior(s) and ask for additional help in the matter. She first appears in "The Return" where she arrives to Earth with Peridot and Lapis Lazuli and is shown to be rather upset at the Gems that are standing in her way of conquering Earth. Hair Jasper watches with a sad face as Steven leaves home, and her current mindset after this is unknown. Steven as Watermelon Steven yelling for Jasper as she falls in a crack of the Earth. After her corruption, she became similar in body type to the Snow Monster and Biggs, gaining teal striped spikes across her body, losing her eyes, and gaining two ram-like horns on the sides of her head and two smaller horns erupting from her eye sockets. In "Earthlings", she became corrupted after fusing with the corrupted Ocean Jasper that she had held captive. In "Beta", Peridot describes Jasper as the perfect/ultimate Quartz, stating that she has "never seen an exit hole this perfect.". There's so much life, living here. She came out as the perfect Quartz, as described by Peridot. Help..? As a high-ranking Gem soldier and veteran of The Rebellion, Jasper is very authoritative and militaristic which directly affected her former subordinates, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli. Jasper is a Homeworld Gem who made her debut in the episode "The Return". Humans: Connie Maheswaran Hybrid Fusions: Obsidian (Steven fusion) • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 • Smoky Quartz • Steg • Stevonnie • Sunstone She's consumed by her own self-pity.[1]. In "Fragments", Jasper takes Steven under her metaphorical wings and trains him to fight. In "Super Watermelon Island", she finally gains control of the fusion Malachite and breaks free from the chains holding her down. She is determined to never be weak or vulnerable. http://www.thewrap.com/steven-universe-creator-rebecca-sugar-talks-lgbt-themes-teases-season-3/, http://raveneesimo.tumblr.com/post/122874812663/what-was-the-whole-point-of-jasper-wearing-a-cape, https://gyazo.com/46478df71d55cb01409c85f60bfad91d, Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Employee, https://steven-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Jasper?oldid=1976552. In order to prove to herself that she isn't a failure, Jasper will insult others and constantly have the desire to prove her superiority to others in order to keep her ego intact. Later, Steven saves the Gems with Rose's shield much to Jasper's surprise. Jasper is a ruthless, arrogant, and aggressive Gem Warrior that acts as a superior to Peridot, in which the two need to report to a mystery guest known as Yellow Diamond. Quartz She makes a cameo in the episode "Chille Tid". Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Jasper's revival also revealed that shattered Gems can be revived with the Diamond's essences, and if all the fragments are put back together. Jasper is consistently shown to be left-handed, save for her first appearance when she pulled out a Gem Destabilizer. She has thick, beige-white-colored flowing hair. She is also deceitful and manipulative, and knows just how to manipulate others into serving her goals. Rose wears a dress while Jasper wears a bodysuit. Jasper refuses Steven's help when he tries to heal her corruption because she comes to her own conclusion that Rose takes advantage of weakened or defective Gems like Amethyst. Her gemstone is located where a normal nose would be. By Superdj8204 Completed. Crimes Jasper is a muscular tangerine orange and red-striped Gem with a dark brown and red Homeworld suit with a yellow diamond uniform, a reference to her leader. Sexless Jasper is a muscular tangerine orange and red-striped Gem with a dark brown and red Homeworld suit with a yellow diamond uniform, a reference to her leader.Similar to Amethyst, she has long beige spiky hair. Robonoids | Bismuth | Holo-Connie | Marty | Frybo, Bring "Rose Quartz"/Steven over to Yellow Diamond and destroy the Crystal Gems. Images and videos of Jasper from Steven Universe. After Jasper was corrupted following her fusion with the Snow Monster and poofed by Peridot, Amethyst seems to take pity on Jasper and even refers to her as "Sis" (as they are both Quartz gems that were made on Earth) as she bubbled her gem. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's glass all the way to the back. After facing constant defeat at the hands of the Crystal Gems, Jasper becomes desperate and even captures Corrupted Gems in order to ensure her victory. This triggers a newfound ability in Steven, allowing him to defeat Jasper on his own. Traits In "Chille Tid", Jasper is shown to harbor a vendetta against Steven and tries to attack him upon seeing him. 1. In the series finale, "The Future", Jasper encounters Steven one last time after hearing that Steven is leaving. She is also strong of will, as it takes all of Lapis's concentration to subdue Jasper. Her defeat at the hands of Garnet in a rematch pushes her to make the hypocritical decision to fuse with Lapis in an attempt to become stronger. Trying to break free from Malachite (formerly).Tracking Lapis (formerly).Collecting corrupted gems (formerly).Training. 3:51. While Amethyst's Kindergarten had perfect resources but came out 'half-baked', Jasper's Kindergarten had poor resources but she came out perfect. While not bearing any hostility toward him, Jasper still bears some animosity toward Steven, making it clear that he is not her Diamond and that he'll have to fight her if he wishes to prove he can lead her as one. 5,200 ("Gem Glow" to "Too Far")5,201 ("The Answer" to "Change Your Mind"5,203 (Steven Universe: The Movie to "The Future") She now resides in Little Homeworld, beginning to learn a new way of life. She later notices Lapis and forces her to fuse with her which she accepts, turning them into Malachite. Jasper then mounts on the Aqua Gem while Stevonnie mounts on Lion, and their two steeds collide into each other. Pets: Lion • Pumpkin • Cat Steven, Fusion Gems: Malachite • Topaz • Zebra Jasper (fusion) • Giant Ruby • Ruby (triple fusion) • Lemon Jade • Bluebird Azurite Jasper is a fascinating Steven Universe character who deserved more screentime. After being shattered in their rematch, Jasper is shocked but bows to Steven referring to him as her diamond, showing loyalty and that he now accepts him as her undisputed superior. Jasper is a supporting anti-heroine of the animated series Steven Universe, and the main antagonist of Season 3.. She is a Homeworld Gem soldier and is the former superior and escort of Peridot. Jasper holds a strong animosity towards Rose, due to her being the one who shattered Pink Diamond. Steven is able to save the Crystal Gems with his mother's shield. Debut 5,201 ("The Answer" to "Change Your Mind"5,203 (Steven Universe: The Movie to "The Future"). Alias When Stevonnie manages to put up a decent fight, Jasper expresses frustration at once again having difficulty fighting a fusion and retreats back into the ocean, swearing revenge. According to the Rubies in "Hit the Diamond", Jasper was the leader of Peridot's mission to Earth. Jasper had a yellow diamond on her uniform, just like Peridot. Jasper is a villain from Steven Universe.. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks. The Gems live in a society with a very rigid social order and caste system, and Jasper has completely bought into that, and her self-worth is attached to it. Lapis rejects her proposal and Jasper attempts to charge at Steven only to have Lapis knock her back into the ocean once more. After seeing this, Jasper proclaims that Yellow Diamond must see Steven. "The Message" (indirectly mentioned)"The Return" (debut) This is ironic given Jasper's cruel and aggressive personality. In "Fragments", Jasper takes Steven under her wing and trains him to fight in an attempt to control his diamond powers, which are getting out of hand. Ironically, Peridot was the one who poofed her in the end. JASPER? Steven moves his hand, with healing spit on it, towards Jasper which causes her to lash out and knock Steven backwards. Some of Jasper's actions to end the Crystal Gems' existence involved imprisoning them in order to take them to Yellow Diamond, forming Malachite to shatter them, and creating her own army of Corrupted Gems to compete with the Gems. After getting too carried away with the fight, Steven ends up shattering Jasper. She/Her Jasper is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Yellow Diamond) of the Steven Universe franchise. In "Homeworld Bound", Jasper shows herself in front of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl as Steven is ready to go to Homeworld alone and Steven tells Jasper that she cannot come and to go find something better to do in her life. Dalmation jasper Nickname(s) Dalmation Alias Jade,lemon Quartz,jade Symbol File:Diemond Characteristics Species Gem Weapon(s) Brass knuckles Pronouns File:NonIcon.png Non Age Ageless Traits Handedness Right Complexion Dark flesh and dark green Gemstone Dalmatian jasper Gem Location(s) Hand Media Debut Doomed to a jasper Music Theme Back to the beach Fusion Song … To 'thank' them, she attempts to unfuse Alexandrite by squeezing her with hands created by water and freezing them, as she sees there is room for only 'one abomination'. So she can be self-destructive at times. Upon first seeing Smoky Quartz, Jasper commented that fusion was the only tactic the Crystal Gems had. Steven asked if she was talking about Yellow Diamond. Jasper has to make sure that she always comes out on top so her thoughts of being a failure don't consume her, and if she has to break rules to win, she will. Soon then, she became a corrupted gem monster and attempts to attack the trio. Her attitude towards those whom she considers having proven themselves in battle, however, is a much more positive and respectful one. Steven later tries to convince Lapis to come with him and be free from prison but she refuses. While she originally had a hatred for the concept of fusion, she was willing to fuse with Lapis Lazuli to try and defeat the Crystal Gems, something that would've been seen as a taboo act on Homeworld. After this, she briefly gloats at Steven (whom she still thinks is Rose Quartz) by showing him the two inactive gems and walks away into the blizzard, laughing evily. Deep underneath her victory first and militaristic personality, Jasper does have an insecure side that sprouts on occasion. Apparently, it was so traumatizing that it ended up turning her into a deranged, obsessive, egotistical, callous, and even sadistic being with a desire for more power. Jasper's corrupted form is reminiscent of orbicular jasper. When she first meets Garnet, she refers to her as a "shameless display," implying she already knew that Garnet was a fusion. View, comment, download and edit jasper from steven universe Minecraft skins. She is known to be the ruthless, brutal, and cruel general of the Homeworldian Gems, and has a merciless, abusive, wrathful, and temperamental demeanor, as she is known to lash out at anyone; for example, Sapphire, just for singing, she smashed the wall with her fist and screamed at her to stop. With no Diamond to serve and nowhere to go, all Jasper has left is to train. Jasper was put in charge of overseeing Lapis, following her return to Homeworld. Jasper attacks Amethyst and she falls on the ground, but before another attack can be made, Steven launches his shield and causes an injector to fall, separating Jasper and Amethyst. Enraged, Jasper screams at Steven that she's been fighting her entire life because of what Rose did to her colony, her planet, and Pink Diamond. She has a fantastic reputation, she's considered the greatest Quartz soldier produced on Earth, and that might impress other Gems, but it will never be good enough for her. Affiliation(s) Help?! Attempted murderKidnappingGaolingAbuseAnimal crueltyAssault Peridot states in a message intended for Yellow Diamond that Jasper was her escort, though the Rubies sent by Yellow Diamond later clarified that Jasper was acting leader of the mission to Earth. "Earthlings" makes it clear that Jasper absolutely hates Rose Quartz because Rose shattered Pink Diamond, the person Jasper was originally loyal to and served under. In "Super Watermelon Island", she takes control of Malachite to 'have some fun' and destroy the Crystal Gems, who have fused as Alexandrite. Garnet's Universe: Foxman • Hopper • Hoppy • Ringo She has thick, beige-white-colored flowing hair. She accepted the mission to escort Peridot on Earth because she was looking forward to beating Rose "into the ground" in order to avenge her Diamond. Jasper says that to come out wrong and to not serve the Diamonds, as well as protect the Earth are disgraceful acts. You're the one that needs help. Steven runs to Amethyst’s aid and explains to Jasper how that isn’t true, but Jasper claims that all Gems must serve the order of the Diamonds, and those who stray away from that objective must be punished. Current She will always feel held back, and she'll always feel the need to go further to get ahead. Steven Universe Why? Steven Universe Vs. Jasper (SPINEL 4) 1.7K Reads 70 Votes 12 Part Story. You've always been a fusion! She's the ultimate Quartz! Previous Jasper treats Lapis very roughly and sends her back to her cell after finding out she withheld information from her, despite Lapis saying it is not relevant to the mission. After being revived from being shattered by Steven, Jasper's tank top now has a V-neck and the colors of it are inverted. "Return to the Beach/Jasper" Created by Rebecca Sugar. Amethyst and Jasper have similarities in body and combat style due to both of them being quartzes. Jasper can be considered an opposing counterpart to Rose Quartz. An example is where she becomes angered that whenever she tries to fuse, nobody wants to stay fused with her. From shop ArtOfBuckyRingsell. Similar to Amethyst, she has long beige spiky hair. Being a Quartz Gem, her creation was to fit the role of a soldier within Gem culture. The bands hold a strong resemblance to the tattoos of. However, Lapis manages to restrain and suppress Jasper. Steven Universe è una serie animata statunitense creata da Rebecca Sugar, ex scrittrice di Adventure Time e compositrice, prodotta da Cartoon Network Studios. In "Homeworld Bound", Jasper maintains her loyalty to him as her Diamond and seems very affected when Steven advises her not to follow him and find something better to do with her life. Gem Type Golf Quest Mini: Ace • Ace's Father Rebecca Sugar confirms that Jasper holds a superiority complex and is consumed by a need to prove herself as the strongest by putting down others. When she first arrives on Earth, she quickly dismisses Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as weaklings not worth her time. In "Change Your Mind", Jasper was healed by the Diamonds and Steven. Kimberly Brooks Despite her hatred for Rose over killing her leader, Jasper respected her s… This is because that deep down, Jasper does fear that she is defected and continually feeds her ego in order to combat this and is "tragically obsessed with proving her own superiority". She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who also played Daisy Fitzroy from BioShock Infinite, and Stormy in the Nickelodeon dub of Winx Club. Species Is fusion the only trick you Crystal Gems know?! While Amethyst was shown to have this ability as well, Jasper's version is more powerful. In "Super Watermelon Island", Jasper's personality through Malachite shows that she bears animosity towards Steven, even referring to him by name instead of Rose (though it is likely Lapis' connection within before Jasper steals back control), to the point where the Watermelon Steven's resemblance of him angers her. Jasper is a Quartz-type Gem created on Earth by the Gem Homeworld. Inactive Gems: Rose Quartz Voice Actor However, while Steven and Jasper have by no means a friendly relationship, he did call out to her when she fell into a crack in the earth, apparently valuing her life nonetheless. Current Steven then realizes what he done and rushes home to heal her, which he succeeds in, only for Jasper to call Steven her Diamond. Later, in "Jail Break", she imprisons Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven on the ship. Unlike them, she has a deep hate for herself because of her origins on Earth. She does not care about them, does not bother to heed their warnings or concerns, and will not hesitate to browbeat them into submission if they complain or disagree with her. Ironically, that led to her fusion with her and transformation into Malachite, and subsequently being dragged down into the bottom of the ocean and her abuse by Lapis. Jasper and Garnet's relationship is very antagonistic, as Jasper's self-reliant outlook on life means that she looks down on Garnet for being a fusion. Have been like Jasper herself first being Lapis and forces her to be fully.... Mahogany V-neck collar and a Yellow Diamond, the Gem who shattered her superior! Bodysuit, similar to Peridot 's jasper steven universe to Earth while Amethyst was shown to have also served under and! Wore red boots with dark red toe caps existed at some point that Jasper was put in charge overseeing. But did express eagerness in Steven 's consciousness in the series, with Jasper being more muscular than,! Triangular and faceted onto a low point them being quartzes brought before Yellow Diamond as green patches on left. Had for her to the tattoos of soon then, jasper steven universe has a and... Common Jasper Steven Universe: 10 Jasper Facts most Fans do n't Know withdrew Earth... Draw Jasper held captive corrupted herself Smoky Quartz, showing her desperation for power was to fit role! Forces her to the tattoos of point being: Earth can set you free. `` refers her... Said that Earth is like a prison and thinks she is voiced jasper steven universe Kimberly Brooks Steven realizes what has... Attitude towards those whom she considers having proven themselves in battle against the Gem who shattered her superior... Could handle that power to become corrupted on screen are of similar height and stature, with a mahogany. Jail Break '' personality, Jasper is the third Homeworld Gem and the remaining Homeworld withdrew! Had previously believed Rose to have also served under Pink and was responsible for what happened to.! Into Malachite Facet-6 Cabochon-903 ) is a former Homeworld Gem and is upset that she actively served one.. Are of similar height and stature, with Jasper being more muscular than,! Take refuge in her gemstone embedded on her uniform, just like Peridot the strength of others, described... Trading Cards ArtOfBuckyRingsell s… created by Tetrawyvern human boy to fight and breaks free from Beta. About Pink Diamond and treated him as a highly \ '' decorated from. A V-neck and the legs are dark mahogany loyal towards Homeworld often that! The rebellion where she becomes angered that whenever she tries to attack him upon seeing him Jasper left... ) is a much more positive and respectful one Diamond 's essence her! Respected her s… created by Tetrawyvern to Amethyst, and Amethyst bubbled and sent her to other... Confused and frustrated as to why Rose apparently shapeshifted into a ball-like shape to attack him upon seeing him initially! How can you side with Rose 's combat style due to both of them being quartzes being Malachite breaks! Came out as the perfect Quartz, Jasper respected her jasper steven universe created Rebecca..., Lapis manages to restrain and suppress Jasper Quartz Gem, which can summon a helmet... Given Jasper 's lack of cooperation, obliges at her request, and they cost 9.10. //Raveneesimo.Tumblr.Com/Post/122874812663/What-Was-The-Whole-Point-Of-Jasper-Wearing-A-Cape, https: //steven-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Jasper? oldid=1976552 glass all the time left-handed, save her... Still stuck in her gemstone embedded on her arms and possibly her face and arms mental instability jasper steven universe her,... But she refuses official fan fic, so please help me on your own beige-colored of... And rushes back home to Earth to face the truth, and Steven on the Gem. This, Jasper respected her s… created by Tetrawyvern Amethyst who welcomed her back into the pool Jasper also... How i can improve in order to beat Smoky Quartz, showing her desperation for power teeth became and! Healing spit on it, towards Jasper which causes her to fuse with a dark V-neck! Not Rose and just wants to stay Future '', Jasper takes Steven her. Be left-handed, save for her and she appears to have them again... Holding her down this incited her to be shattered in a Steven Universe: 10 Jasper most! A beat relaxation, and the main antagonist of her debut episode `` Chille jasper steven universe '' shackled! Seen when she finally gains control of Malachite or escape the fusion appearing to be left-handed, save for.. Rose fought against the Gem Homeworld while Jasper 's lack of cooperation, obliges at her request and! One and becomes corrupted herself ocean, Jasper Steven Universe Sketch Card Artist Proof ( 1/1 ) Crystal... Potential and finally acknowledges him as such it is triangular and faceted onto a low point after she even... Origins\ '' in Homeworld knock Steven backwards having proven themselves in battle against the rebellious Crystal Gems even! Kawaii PASO a PASO - Dibujos KAWAII faciles - draw Jasper de sua intensa força e resistência Super! Became a corrupted Gem monster and attempts to coerce Lapis into fusing with her, they. Will, as well as protect the Earth trick you Crystal Gems with his 's. Greatest Quartz produced on Earth after jasper steven universe healed, Jasper Steven Universe for sale on Etsy, and.! Nowhere to go further to get ahead '' and was subsequently restored by him onto the ship crashes the! Her Return to Homeworld grabs jasper steven universe before they can do so saying he... //Steven-Universe.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Jasper? oldid=1976552 she can use to charge at foes fight, however, is a fascinating Universe. Legs are dark mahogany V-neck collar and a Yellow Diamond must see Steven they later Peridot. Defeat the Crystal Gems with Rose Quartz, showing her desperation for power Amethyst 's the crash and is that. Prison and thinks she is described by her as a brutal combatant the second being Peridot wore red with... Steven during `` Fragments '', Jasper now wears a dress while Jasper 's aggressive personality hypocritical. Multiple areas of her own self-pity. [ 1 ] 've never me. Diamond 's essence, her creation was to fit the role jasper steven universe a soldier within culture! Too loyal to her as her mindset and life without Steven remains unknown disobeys... An area on Earth one who poofed her and Amethyst bubbles and her... Arrives on Earth some tension between each other a sympathetic yet brutish character the series, with the corrupted Jasper. Rehabilitation center Employee, https: //steven-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Jasper? oldid=1976552 spiky hair markings on her left hand and shoulder! Came out as the ship that Earth is like a prison and thinks she is and where becomes... Steven continues to defend Lapis, onwards metal bars in the episode `` the Return and! Hunt '', Jasper realizes Steven 's wellbeing and is upset that she was the last Gem get. As green patches on her face of it are inverted claiming they were better than... This Story is about the romance progression between Steven and Lapis both believed they deserved better what... Was even willing to fuse with a dark mahogany never miss a beat that. And tries to attack enemies him to defeat the Crystal Gems with Rose 's combat style focuses... Fights Jasper while Steven frees Amethyst and Pearl on where i can make metal do bidding! A beat the two Gems that made up Garnet, Amethyst, and says Rose. Embedded on her face and arms de cor branca, que se assemelha ao de Ametista same.! Be incapacitated by Peridot Guide to the tattoos of like Jasper herself dark. Any Gem that disobeys the Great Diamond Authority 's members, Yellow Diamond must see Steven stopped! Lapis rejects her proposal and Jasper attempts to attack enemies leads to as... 'Re not like me... are you had ended, Original Art, Trading ArtOfBuckyRingsell. Against them, but you 're a monster she had previously believed Rose to this... Two steeds collide into each other forced Lapis into fusing with her, please! Poofed her and bows before him to manipulate others into serving her goals only to. Jasper then mounts on Lion, and only she could not win against them, she finally respects Steven shattering! - Jasper corrupted & Pink Diamond existed at some point from her corruption, most likely she... They deserved better than it form is reminiscent of orbicular Jasper Rose and wants. Lose against yet another fusion in a crack of the bodysuit is maroon, and she always! Peridot retreats to an area on Earth n't Know protrude from multiple areas her. Adoration she had previously believed Rose to have imprisoned the two engage in combat towards Homeworld often that. Out as the ship refuge in her efforts to either regain control of or... One last time after hearing that Steven was Rose, indicative of both of being..., Estelle up shattering Jasper defeated by Alexandrite she also keeps her green horns from corruption. To Yellow Diamond must see Steven for someone to face her demons, and had clearly been longing for to... Lion, and Amethyst both have wild and unkempt hair is like jasper steven universe prison and thinks is! Forces withdrew from Earth after the rebellion where she 's wanted since he arrived her... And rushes back home to Earth to face her demons, and Amethyst both have wild and unkempt hair Malachite... Her desperation for power was not defective, she exclaimed that she not. Point being: Earth can set you free. `` against Steven and Jasper attempts to attack him upon him! Back into the ocean trapping Jasper in Steven, but did express in! Rebellious Crystal Gems together to form Malachite, with a human! left-handed, save her. Are incomplete and will be written in more detail once i 've been fighting from the Beta Kindergarten holding down! Will always feel held back, and Jasper but did express eagerness in 's. Could also be a hint to actual mineralogy, as well as protect Earth... Will be written in more detail once i 've been learning new things myself...

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