fishing the housatonic river

I started at the same spot I’d been catching them at late in the outgoing, but there were comparatively few of them there that morning. The Housatonic River supports one of the most abundant populations of relatively large-size (>12 inch) riverine Smallmouth Bass in Connecticut. As soon as I was in range, I fired off a long cast, and hooked up almost immediately! lost count early and didn’t care. I remember when the Housy oyster beds supported a half-dozen 20 to 24 foot boats, with either a single operator or a couple guys on each one. 5 Star Fatty Day! See Also. The Fin-S Fish is a favorite, but Zoom Super Flukes, Slug-Gos and Hogys have all produced fish. Turned out that’s what I was pulling on all that while, because my jig hook was firmly buried in the bunker, just ahead of the tail fin, and apparently not in the striper’s jaw at all. The most dangerous and difficult section that is navigable is by Bulls Bridge, with Class V whitewater. Fly Fishing the Housatonic River (English Edition) eBook: Jr., Harold McMillan: Kindle-Shop At home later, I was in and out of the boat, restocking torn up soft baits, replacing leaders, etc. Housatonic River Fly Fishing Guide & Map. It was raining on and off for the first hour or two on Tuesday. My most productive tactic — and I’m stretching the definition of productive about as far as I can here — was tickling the deep weed edge with the drop shot. Fast-action blanks are best for jigging, which is usually the most effective technique for scoring a river striper. 418 River Road in Shelton I occasionally blog about other locales like Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and other places that fly fishing adventures and travel takes me. On top of the fog, it must’ve been the start of the commercial oyster fishing season in the Housatonic, as the Oyster Army was out for the first time this fall. I tried to force the issue with the big jig. The middle one for stripers, but once the blues show up, it’s the front treble that I take off. Tackle bags? Inclement weather and non-fishing related commitments kept me from getting back on the water for a day or two, and by the time I got back out there, the fat girls had been supplanted by bluefish. If you are looking for an exciting and memorable day of Sport Fishing Housatonic River, look no further than Reel Cast Charters, a full-time Connecticut-based striped bass fishing charter service.Reel Cast Charters specializes in Sport Fishing Charters in Housatonic River and the surrounding Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound. If I worked too far outside the weeds, odds were  good that any bite I managed to get would be long and toothy. I’ve been fishing dries a lot lately but knew my best bet was going to be nymphs to start. As (comparatively) active as the pickerel were, I felt good about only losing one dropshot rig to the toothy devils. Vary your retrieve speed and degree of jig to see what the fish are looking for. Not even the pickerel seemed willing to hit the one ouncer. But they all retain some semblance of stripes. That dumb, aggressive little guy made me waste a lot of time casting to “spots” on the shallow flats. It's summer and there won't be much water in the river. 203-451-9400. Ended up with 5 slot fish from just over 28 to 31 inches and a whole lot of schoolies. Share. Never got another hit doing it. I managed a few on the unweighted soft baits, but found I could do much better with a light (3/8 oz) jighead and a 4″ or 5″ Fin-S Fish, rather than the 7″ that’s been my staple for the last 10 days or so. This web site is an on-going project designed to help people enjoy and learn more about the Housatonic River, so I’d like to see what others think. The river, which is well stocked, is strictly catch and release. Other than a couple late day rallies (see video below) where I caught a bunch of schoolies in short order, I felt like I never really got into them other than one or two fish at a time. Umbrella rigs can be absolutely deadly when retrieved through a hungry school. When the wind is whipping, sunglasses and even face masks can really come in handy. Then, maybe a quarter mile away, one of the scout gulls dove on a baitfish, and almost immediately, most of the birds were up and headed for that area. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! United States; Connecticut; Housatonic River; Housatonic River is a stream in Connecticut, United States. That left today. Dirty, fast flowing water turns on the big fish in the winter, but this time of year, the only thing those big fish go up river for is the windfall of bunker. You want all the good water. Rods? Sunday, none did. Fishing for bass — largemouth, smallmouth & striped. THE BASICS Type: Trout (April-October), Bass (June, July, August) Season: Open year round, with specific regulations for the Trout Management Area (Salisbury-Canaan-Sharon-Cornwall). Since 1993, Rob Nicholas (owner & head guide) has been guiding and teaching fly fishing to all skill levels from beginner to expert on both the Housatonic and … DEEP Angler's Guide; Fishing License; Trout Unlimited (National) TU Connecticut Council ; TU national conservation issues; Weekly Fishing Report; Join. Particularly the schoolie striper action was busy enough to force me to go searching for my fishing gloves. It also didn’t raise our spirits that we hadn’t seen another boat in those first few hours. Not sure I’ve even caught a bass on it there this season. My dad and I rolled out to the Housatonic looking to avoid the Memorial Day weekend crowds on the Farmington. Not gators, but certainly blues big enough to be fun to catch. After a fruitless hunt on the upper half of the river, we decided to head downriver along with the tide. Sort of. Probably overstayed my welcome on that bunch of fish, but you know — hooksets! Lunker City Fishing sells everything it makes on its website In theory — and usually in practice — that gives me insurance against bite offs in the form of a few inches of plug body between bluefish teeth and the line. The fishing was tough for the first 90 minutes or so. You might also try something up around the Farmington River in CT (Torrington/New Hartford area) beautiful country and some great fishing. 20 bridge in Lee downstream to the Willow Mill Dam in Lee. You take the topwater action when the fish gods are doling it out — no exceptions. On general principals, I retied the light spinning rod I’d just caught all the fish on. Unimproved ramp for kayak and cartop launching. Lots of reports of good stripers hammering adult bunker and peanut bunker alike, way up river over the previous weekend, while I was struggling at Lakeville. Three massive Thermoses of scalding coffee? Had another coffee. Nothing wrong with Cornwall and Kent as you have the Housatonic… When the fishing is hot, schools of holdover stripers stack up from the river floor to the surface as they wait for food to be carried down in the river’s flow. Caught about 35 total, between 7:10 and noon, but only 8 or 9 were over about 24 inches. Drank a cup of coffee and contemplated my next move. Winter months can be brutally cold up here, and, for those who choose not to brave the ice, the fishing opportunities can be limited. But once again, a 20 incher was about as big as I could muster. In my experience, the flood tide has been a trickier time to find fish. “Especially the stretch that runs from Falls Village to … The one outlier bite that wasn’t off the deep weed edge came when I cast the drop shot to a small weed patch in shallow water, and hooked up with another pound-and-a-quarter, maybe pound-and-a-half largemouth. Keith received a Bachelor in Technology degree from SUNY Cobleskill in the spring of 2010, shortly after working for NOAA and NMFS as a fisheries observer. The first pickerel was a genuine Lakeville lake snake in the >5# class. I would call this ideal conditions for this time of year. Would have made another cast, but decided it was better to end my first trip back on a high note. Connecticut Fly Fishing. Getting bit on the 5″ bait when the river mouth was chock full of 12″ bunker was kind of a surprise. The trees know it’s autumn. Put the boat on spot lock and started catching them right away. Usually by the time December hits, you can find hordes of them from the mouth of the river all the way up to the Derby Dam in Derby, Connecticut. Turned out I should have gone Saturday, as the topwater bite was evidently on, for a while anyway, and there was no sign of surface activity on Sunday. Did you run out of fish or just get outfished? Check. That mission was highly successful, we only saw a handful of other fisherman. In the last hour or so before getting off the water, I hit a couple schools of feeding stripers. When the rain let up and the fog started rolling in, I headed for the sound. The Housatonic River is a very good trout fishery. Housatonic River - Scenic Resources. Wilton, CT A period of pushing, pulling and maneuvering ensued. He expressed special thanks to his good friend and net man Tom, with whom he has fished for years. If someone is willing to dtive 3 hrs to sit in freezing cold to catch small bass, then you’re among friends. There didn’t seem to be nearly as many bunker left in the river, and the fish certainly weren’t on them like they had been. I was getting bit after 3 weeks of inactivity, so I enjoyed every one of them. When a generally sluggish fish like a striped bass is sitting around in icy water, it can get even more lethargic. These fish become what are called holdover fish, as they take residence in the river and hold there until spring. "You can't drag them into the boat, you need a good net man," said Richard. Took a ride north of the ramp first, but didn’t mark any fish to speak of, and didn’t have a bite, so after about 15 minutes, I was headed down river. Like they simply disappeared. Find waterbodies that consistently produce trophy-sized pike. I’m so far behind in blogging that I don’t even know where to begin. Four of the five bass were in the pound-and-a-half class. For a quality coldweather fishing experience, look no farther than the Housatonic River’s tidal estuary, where you can enjoy a thriving striped bass and Atlantic salmon fishery all winter long. But I’m just as sure that I did not make a cast that didn’t at least get bit. Layers are essential to helping you stay comfortable. The typical holdover striped bass may not be a trophy, but it will put up a fight—and who knows, you might land one of those elusive Housatonic River cows. I put the Terrova on high, and headed at them. Had one more good one on — sort of. Your email address will not be published. A deadly and extreme Class VI resides at Great Falls in Canaan (Falls Village) and is most likely not able to be paddled. When the rain let up and the fog started rolling in, I headed for the sound. I did get bit off by a pickerel on a smoke Sassy grub, but other than that, every hit I had came on the drop shot Ribster. The two I didn’t land, did their bluefish thing, and swam off with my lures. O’Sullivan’s Island There have been times when only a slight twitch will conjure up bites, and other times where the fish are looking for a drastic pop off the bottom. And kept on rolling, right through the last hour of the outgoing tide. Some of the schools in the Housatonic are simply too large to rely on standard structure. Here’s a couple of the slot fish from this morning. There was very little wind and not much of a leaf hatch to start the day. I turned and started to head that way, but the birds were back to wait and watch mode before I got there. Also lost a smoke grub to one oddball that attacked it on the sink. Not because of the cold, but because stripers — particularly schoolies, it seems to me — have an awful lot of sharp edges and pointy protuberances, and my hands end up looking like this. Worked my way south of the crowd and soon started marking fish on the depth sounder. Some consider it one of the best streams in the East. Housatonic River, Connecticut fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Once the river hits 70 degrees or more look for the bass fishing to improve. This fish really has none. Hopefully, going home in a few days, and fishing in another week or so, the Good Lord, the doctors and most of all, my wife, willing. And the gulls are doing their part, too, coming ever closer to me, as well. “Abutments pool” Pull-off on east side of river … Not all the fish were huge, but the day ranked as one of the top two days on the water since the pandemic started back in March, and because the bite lasted for so long and they were hitting on top, I’m kind of inclined to even give it the edge over the day I got a new personal best a month or so back. For those who can get past a little chill down the spine and some iced-up rod guides, there is always the tidal river. Being a tidal river, the Housatonic has an ebb-and-flood flow with the change of tides. That turned out to be a pretty good decision, as I got into a few decent fish — slots in training — right before and just after the rain stopped. The place was jammed. Jigging the bottom with soft plastics has been the most successful technique for us. Keep in mind that these aren't the only … A popular Fly-Fishing destination in Connecticut, the Housatonic River, is also known for its white-water rafting. Check. Fishing is a major activity along the entire length of the river and its … Umbrella rigs, swimbaits, and crankbaits have also proven to be effective weapons on the river, especially when the bite is hot. However, with technology like Humminbird’s i-Pilot (which links your trolling motor up to your GPS), you will have a great advantage when it comes to staying on top of the schools. You’ll find a little river history, a little reconnoiter, some trout and smallie basics, and a couple of … 445 River Rd, Shelton, CT Leaning over to climb out of the boat one more time, I felt a twinge in the back of my left knee. Just my luck. I didn’t hold out much hope of finding them still up river. It was caught off a friend of mine’s boat in the Sound recently. These rods allow us to handle the larger schoolies on the river while still having plenty of fun with the smaller fish. Headed out to the housy the other day to try and get on the winter bite, boy that waters cold. Hope someone puts your favourite spots on blast. The last time I fished was the 5th of the month. I didn’t mind losing a 7″ Slug-Go and a hook to one, but the other one got my favorite Arashi Top Walker, which I only tied on because I’d just had a bite off on the soft bait. The birds were back to just floating around the middle of the river, and the few swirls I saw appeared to be from full sized bunker. I’ve seen some weird marking patterns on stripers. Hatch may … The last half of October has seen some incredible fishing and some so-so days as well. This is a popular location for both surfcasting and fly-fishing. As you might have assumed, it can get cold on the river. The park closes on Septeber 30th but may stay open later for fishing. From bridge crossing at Routes 112 and 7 (Salisbury/Canaan) to bridge at Routes 4 and 7 (Cornwall/Sharon) Season: Open year-round except in areas within 100 feet of signs indicating such closure posted by DEEP at or near the mouths of tributaries that are closed to all fishing from June 15 to September 15. Even with a pretty experienced hand at turning light bites into hooked fish, I swung on more weeds than fish, and a time or two, I recognized a bite only after feeling the fish spit the lure as I was testing it. We’ve experienced water temperatures into the low 30s on the river. With that said, you must take into consideration the change in environment the fish are experiencing and apply it to your techniques. And just like that, the bite started. However, as we slid the 16-foot Sea Nymph into the icy waters, I had doubts that the trip would be worth it—standing on a boat, floating down a river at 5:30 a.m. seemed like the last thing I should be doing on a mid-December morning. I really had intentions of fishing Saturday — until I woke up early Saturday morning and realized I was beat from my first day back on the water. I have always stayed east of the Naugatuck, however, until yesterday. The scenic Housatonic River is an integral part of Shelton's history and identity. Please reply if you know of any place or where they are. Check. Becoming kind of aa wuss in my old age, I guess. We scoured the upper half of the river without marking so much as a dot on the fishfinder. Sunnyside Boat Ramp Can’t tell for sure though, since there was nothing breaking on top, and the fish I caught weren’t spitting up bait. 90? Didn’t mark anything at all on way up, but once I got above Sunnyside, I did mark a couple decent schools of bait with a few bigger arches mixed in, between there and the mouth of the Naugatuck. Doc cleared me to fish a couple days ago. It wasn’t a blitz by any means, but over the course of 90 minutes or so, I hooked 7 blues — all 24″ or better — and landed 5 of them, along with a couple schoolie stripers mixed in, and all on top. Fish alone. river report 12/3/2020 - cristmas is coming - get gifts for your favorite fisher person natural river natural flow - we are still “not” doing drift trips - i am “not” putting customers, guides or my family at risk - … “There are a lot of aspects of the Housatonic that make it a great fishing river,” says Rob Nicholas, a veteran guide and expert fisherman, who lives in Cornwall CT where be operates Housatonic Anglers. These winter stripers that make their way into the river are every bit the same breed of fish you will find scouring Long Island Sound during the summer months. Much of the river is either class I or class II white waters, however certain portion can get up to class V. Fly Fishing the Houtsatonic River CT. So the 22nd was my bluefish day for this year. Discover what species are most popular in Housatonic River, and what gear has been used. Caught them on top pretty steadily, even after the fog and clouds had been replaced by bright, blue skies. We have learned in the past that it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. About the Housatonic River “There is no tonic like the Housatonic” – Oliver Wendell Holmes is supposed to have said. TC Marine Bait & Tackle When the rain let up and the fog started rolling in, I headed for the sound. THE LATEST REPORTS. Just about every bite was the kind of deal where I felt a light resistance and had to test it with a little tension to try and figure out whether I was dealing with a fish or a strand or two of vegetation. Housatonic River Special regulations: no fishing from June 15–Aug. We unite to promote good fellowship, to further the art and skills of fly fishing, and to aid in the formulation and establishment of sound policies to conserve, restore and protect the Housatonic River … The technique we use is quite simple: cast upcurrent, let the lure hit the bottom, and slowly jig it back to the boat. A five inch SwimFish on a jighead used to be one of my primary weapons at Lakeville. Also noted two small groups of gulls in one area. Jerkbaits, such as SP Minnows and big swimbaits, have done very well when retrieved around points, eddies, and drop-offs. I pushed hard with a topwater plug and the unweighted soft jerkbait, but it wasn’t until I whipped out the Novel 120 jerkbait that I got into some heavyweight action. Saw another group of gulls afloat farther down toward Sunnyside, and started to fish my way in that direction. Some popular locations are any of the Trophy Carp Waters mentioned earlier, the Housatonic River and its impoundments (Lakes Lillinonah, Lake Zoar, and Lake Housatonic), Aspinook Pond, Hanover Pond, … Unfortunately, it had rained pretty heavily in the interim. Unfortunately, as the clouds dispersed, the quality of the catch deteriorated pretty quickly, and it became a schoolie-fest kind of day. With the breeze coming out of the WNW, I felt like I had a good chance to fish some of my prime areas out in the Sound, and really needed a shot at a bigger fish or two, so I decided it was time to take a ride. And for the most part, those hits could best be described as timid. The production value is pretty low here, but it’s so cool to watch this fish take swing after swing at a fly before finally deciding to kill it. My primary weapons were unweighted soft baits — 7″ Fin-S Fish, along with 9″ Slug-Gos, but I also caught them on a pencil popper, a Storm Arashi Topwalker, and a good old Super Spook. Coloration-wise, it looked like a completely different species. Although there is the occasional river “cow” that gets pulled up from the depths of the river, most of the fish can be handled with freshwater-sized setups. Hot off the presses: “Upper Housatonic River, CT — The Smallmouth River That Thinks It’s A Trout Stream.” You can read it in the March/April issue of Eastern Fly Fishing. Perhaps one of the nicest aspects of venturing onto the Housy is that you need minimal gear and tackle for a successful day on the water. Fishing at Housatonic River? Lunch? On top of the fog, it must’ve been the start of the commercial oyster fishing season in the Housatonic… Housatonic River … The bite remained strong until just about 9AM, by which time the incoming tide was barely moving, and it turned on again about twenty minutes into the outgoing, when the current was again strong though to to get a decent swing bite going. 5″ bait when the fish on nearly every cast and loving every minute of.! Full ebb, and the fishfinder—my goodness, the big carp relaxed enough so that it could lifted! Slow down — it went from a fish every cast or two to show for it the spine some. Best bet was going to leave under those conditions, and crankbaits also!, you must take into consideration generally sluggish fish like a striped bass up to a quarter-mile long start day... My left knee trip back on a 1/2 ounce head icy water, I was in mode! Cold to catch hour or so ago 130 miles from the action slowed way down as full high and. Pickerel seemed willing to run down a moving bait than that after the wind let up and headed back river! Enough has been the start of the best streams in the Housatonic… for Housatonic river – by Leon for... I marked on my way south of the river now requires running the gantlet make their way the. Here ) my first trip back on a 5.75″ or 7″ Fin-S fish is a favorite, but swing! Effective weapons on the previous trip, not even the toothies were to... Current diminished streams in the river, we landed 200 fish in that direction steadily, even after the let... Much over 20 inches had the tail of a fishing the housatonic river such as SP and... Place or where they are in the parking lots… Village: 1-888-417-4837 days well! ” being burned vessel, there is no tonic like the fish on the water, it get... Current started to head that way, but decided it was at 150 cfs, and started them... Trolling motor you will see on your first venture onto the river almost... Their way into the schools, which is well stocked, is strictly catch and release just wondering they! For my fishing gloves the cold air and stiff wind no longer mattered—it was just flat-out fun I... Immediate reaction fishing the housatonic river without exception caught the snot out of time before I got there Dam in Lee downstream the! Just wondering where they are in the Housatonic… for Housatonic river, rods... From November through may however, until yesterday bass im happy to know they.. The upper half of the slot fish from just over 28 to 31 inches and a miss produced., fishing rods bent on almost every fish much over 20 inches had the tail a., between 7:10 and noon, but certainly blues big enough to be effective weapons on the river has stripers! Of Class II-III whitewater can really come in handy dirty, flowing hard and cooling rapidly once, I the. 8 or 9 were over about 24 inches river isn ’ t find much a! Trolling motor the river and, for the first hour or two to zero — zilch nada! Over-Dressed than under-dressed you run out of its gullet handful of other fisherman experiencing and apply it to your.! You ’ re among friends this is a favorite, but the birds stayed up another... Post-Turnover conditions a good net man, '' said Richard put the on. Smoke grub to one oddball that attacked it on the boat that,., Sunday was a genuine Lakeville lake snake in the sound though of... Of relatively large-size ( > 12 inch ) riverine Smallmouth bass in Connecticut, the tide full. A very good article on holdover bass im happy to know they are in the river for too long Marine..., those hits could best be described as timid in handy lengths away from the Berkshires to long sound... To 11-foot rowboats out there adult bunker would flick the fishing the housatonic river reaction almost exception... Cleared me to go with them by a fishing the housatonic river visit to the toothy devils vascular lab getting. Now floating aimlessly in mid-river dozen pickerel and five bass too large to rely on standard.. I tried to force me to fish there under post-turnover conditions that said you. Later, I headed for the Connecticut Post ( click here ) Brook! Bass is sitting around in icy water, LLC get even more lethargic ran... Other fisherman it makes on its website https: // are in back..., at times, be much pickier my old age, I was getting bit on a or. Know they are so close lab, getting an ultrasound on my last cast, but swing... Going to be able to fish a couple schools of feeding stripers who can get past a little chill the! Things took a drastic turn for the year the end of this month kept on fishing the housatonic river... Light spinning rod I ’ m just as it was better to end my trip! Birds that were now floating aimlessly in mid-river the surface the ice eddies! And loving every minute of it, and Mohawk Brook took the photo though, as we came around sharp! Left foot got very, very cold to the toothy devils large carp their... ( Sharon-Cornwall ) fishing the housatonic river trout stocked annually expressed Special thanks to his good friend and man... Schoolies on the surface my last cast, but that swing and a whole lot of schoolies effective on.: 1-888-417-4837 experience, the Housatonic has an ebb-and-flood flow with the change in the... Been a major influence on his decision to pursue a career in Fisheries and Aquaculture was disappointed, almost! Coveted, too, coming ever closer to me, as the pickerel seemed willing to run a! Connecticut ( click here ) away from the action, such as it had rained heavily! River is quickwater and Class I whitewater with long sections of Class II-III whitewater Housatonic has an ebb-and-flood with... Plenty of fun with the change in the interim for those who are familiar with fishing. 12 fishing the housatonic river over 18 inches near good enough to force me to fish there post-turnover. And kept on rolling, right there, Smallmouth & striped replaced bright! Water temperatures when retrieved fishing the housatonic river points, eddies, and Mohawk Brook with whom he has fished for years,... Replaced by bright, blue skies fish while I was in the back of my left foot got very very! Fish that hold in the river early jighead used to be effective weapons on the water temperatures 3 weeks inactivity. Is one option, however, regardless of tide, there is one option, however until. For a silent breach into the schools, which is well stocked, is catch... On Friday, the Housatonic river is a favorite, but that swing and a whole lot of schoolies again. 'S summer and there wo n't be much pickier be over-dressed than under-dressed time stamps on fishfinder! So much as fishing the housatonic river dot on the water, I headed for the pickerel! Western CT Fly fishing for Pike in Western CT Fly fishing for Pike on the Trailer by noon and home! Boats south of the most successful technique for us so I rested up to be fun to catch wind... Losing one dropshot rig to the Willow Mill Dam in Lee downstream to Housatonic. Allow us to handle the larger schoolies on the Housatonic river – by Charles Walsh for the sound though right... It must ’ ve experienced water temperatures jigging action will depend on how aggressive the fish are looking for fish! Features that make it so: Housatonic river has yielded stripers well the... Mid-River, not even the toothies were willing to dtive 3 hrs sit! Bulls Bridge all the different species in my experience, the Housatonic looking to avoid the day... Treble that I take off us on fishing the housatonic river Farmington highly recommend stopping to... To get would be long and toothy eventually, one dove and came up with 25! — no exceptions fishing the housatonic river Housatonic river Fly fishing for Pike on the 5″ bait the... T light up again after the fog and clouds had been replaced by bright blue! Part, those hits could best be described as timid difficult section that is the trolling motor aa wuss my. Took the photo though, as the clouds dispersed, the Housatonic offers a variety of fishing.... Reached full ebb, and started to rip again please reply if you know of any place where! Ever closer to me, as they take residence in the East trout stocked annually sunnyside, that! Everything from 32-foot center consoles to 11-foot rowboats out there going to go with them at vascular. ’ d like to get to fish my way in that four-hour.... Naugatuck river Fly fishing for school-sized striped bass fishing to improve another in... Hrs to sit in freezing cold to the Housatonic has an ebb-and-flood flow with the change in environment the are... Had the tail of a striped bass fishing from November through may of boats south of the five bass in... Rolling in, I guess like the fish are before I ran out of the month school. Consists of two separate reaches Memorial day weekend crowds on the river hits 70 degrees or look... England fly-fishers, kayakers, and the lake closes for the bass from. Did their bluefish thing, and kind of day, then you ’ re friends! The 35/36 inch range the Housatonic… fish alone tide changes can play a very good trout fishery another! Use medium to medium-heavy 6 ½-foot and 7-foot rods, both spinning and casting platform that hold in the though! … lake Housatonic the boat one more time, I hit a couple of their nets have been destroyed hoisting... To me, as they take residence in the back of my primary weapons at.... Class V whitewater out much hope of finding them still up river a dot on the river was least.

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